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UPDATE 2-Thermage to buy Reliant Technologies for about $95 mln | Reuters

(Recasts; adds details, stock movement, analyst estimates)

July 7 Aesthetic medical device maker Thermage

Inc (THRM.O) said it would buy privately held Reliant

Technologies Inc, a provider of cosmetic laser skin treatment,

for about $95 million in cash and stock, sending its shares up

as much as 10 percent.

The Hayward, California-based company said it expects the

deal to add to its 2009 earnings and save $14 million annually.

Analysts expect the company to earn 4 Precision Aesthetics NYC Map cents a share for 2009.

According to the deal, Thermage will pay $25 million in

cash and 23.6 million of its shares to Reliant.

The company, which uses monopolar radio frequency in its

procedures, will assume $7.0 million in debt from Reliant

Technologies and provide $5 million as bridge financing.

Thermage said it expects to record various charges related

to the deal in the fourth quarter, which is when the deal is

expected to close.

The company also expects second quarter revenue to be

between $17.7 million and $17.9 million.

Thermage shares were up at $2.90 in morning trade on


(Reporting by Vidya L Nathan in Bangalore; Editing by Bernard



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Consumer Reports Ranks Top Face Creams

Lancome Paris Renergie

Price: $176

Type: Night/Day

Day-cream SPF: None

3. RoC Retin-Ox+

Price: $135

Type: Night/Day

Day-cream SPF: 15

Average Performance

4. "The best advice is prevent those wrinkles in the first place -- stay out of the sun and don't smoke."

Here's how Consumer Reports ranked the face creams they tested, in order from most effective to least.

Slightly More Effective

1. L'Oreal Paris Dermo-Expertise Wrinkle De-Crease With Boswelox Advanced Wrinkle Corrector & Dermo Smoother

Price: $40

Type: Night/Day

Day-cream SPF: None

7. Sandroff said consumers can't expect a cream to perform a miracle.

"There is really no face lift in a jar," she said. RoC Retinol Correxion Deep Wrinkle

Price: $40

Type: Night/Day

Day-cream SPF: 15

http://abcnews.go.com/GMA/Consumer/story?id=2731814. StriVectin-SD Intensive Concentrate for Existing Stretch Marks

Price: $135

Type: One type

Day-cream SPF: None

Slightly Less Effective

8. Avon Anew Alternative Intensive Age Treatment

Price: $64

Type: Night/Day

Day-cream SPF: 25


Consumer Reports magazine recently tested popular face creams to see how well they fought wrinkles.

On Sunday's "Good Morning America Weekend Edition," Consumer Reports health editor Ronni Sandroff said that contrary to popular belief, price does not dictate a cream's power.

"There was no correlation between effectiveness and price," Sandroff said.

Even the more effective creams provided only a minimal reduction of wrinkles -- less than 10-percent. Olay Regenerist (Enhancing Lotion, Perfecting Cream and Daily Regenerating Serum)

Price: $57

Type: Night/Day/Serum

Day-cream SPF: 15

2. Neutrogena Visibly Firm Night Cream With Active Copper

Price: $38

Type: Night/Day

Day-cream SPF: 20

5. La Prairie Cellular

Price: $335

Type: Night/Day

Day-cream SPF: 15


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Natural skincare line to conquer the world?

But what is NATO, why is it important and what's its future? CNN's Nic Robertson explains."],"descriptionPlainText":"Donald Trump has called it obsolete, and says that it has problems. (Militant website via AP, File)","imageAlt":"FILE - In this undated file photo released by a militant website, which has been verified and is consistent with other AP reporting, militants of the Islamic State group hold up their weapons and wave flags on their vehicles in a convoy on a road leading to Iraq, while riding in Raqqa, Syria. */CNN.VideoPlayer.showSpinner = function showSpinner(containerId) if (Modernizr && !Modernizr.phone && !Modernizr.mobile && !Modernizr.tablet) jQuery(document.getElementById(('

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Thailand's chunky monkey 'Uncle Fat' on diet after gorging on junk food

The morbidly obese wild monkey, who gorged himself on junk food and soda from tourists, has been rescued and placed on a strict diet. "He was the leader of his pack, and when I tried to go in, I had to fight off a flock of them with sticks."

The subordinate monkeys fed into Uncle Fat's bad habits.

"He had minions and other monkeys bringing food for him but he would also re-distribute it to younger monkeys," said Supakarn Kaewchot, a veterinarian in charge of the monkey's diet.

"After he ate food given by humans for a while, he developed a fat mass, which became a type of benign tumor," Supakarn said. Thailand's chunky monkey 'Uncle Fat' on diet after gorging on junk food


BANGKOK -- A morbidly obese wild monkey who gorged himself on junk food and soda left behind by tourists has been rescued and placed on a strict diet of lean protein, fruits and vegetables.

Wildlife officials caught the chunky monkey -- nicknamed "Uncle Fat" by locals -- after photos of the animal started circulating on social media last month.

A wild obese macaque, named
http://www.mercurynews.com/2017/05/19/thailands-chunky-monkey-on-diet-after-gorging-on-junk-food/. The morbidly obese wild monkey, who gorged himself on junk food and soda from tourists, has been rescued and placed on a strict diet. (AP Photo/Sakchai Lalit)" width="365" data-src="https://i2.wp.com/www.mercurynews.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/unclefat2.jpg?w=620&crop=0%2C0px%2C100%2C9999px" data-srcset="https://i2.wp.com/www.mercurynews.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/unclefat2.jpg?w=620&crop=0%2C0px%2C100%2C9999px 620w,https://i2.wp.com/www.mercurynews.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/unclefat2.jpg?w=310&crop=0%2C0px%2C100%2C9999px 310w">A wild obese macaque, named "Uncle Fat" who was rescued from a Bangkok suburb, sits in a rehabilitation center in Bangkok, Thailand, Friday, May 19, 2017. To help him lose weight, his new diet is limited to 400 grams worth of lean protein, fruits and vegetables twice a day. "He is now in critical condition where there is a high risk of heart disease and diabetes."

Uncle Fat is believed to be between 10 and 15 years old. (AP Photo/Sakchai Lalit)

Wild monkeys roam free in many parts of Thailand, attracting tourists who feed and play with the animals. Most of the monkeys are macaques like Uncle Fat, and they typically weigh around 9 kilograms (20 pounds).

Uncle Fat weighs three times that, tipping the scales at around 26 kilograms (60 pounds).

"It was not easy to catch him," said Kacha Phukem, the wildlife official who conducted the capture and rescue on April 27. "But please don't feed them food that people like to eat like snacks and soda. Supakarn said she hopes that within a few months they can consider releasing him to the wild.

She said Uncle Fat is an example of why people shouldn't feed wild monkeys unhealthy food.

"I understand that people feel sorry for the monkeys and want to feed them when they see them," Supakarn said

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Have You Had the Cosmetic Procedure Thermage?

If you are willing to share your story on National TV, please email us with your story and contact information.


E-mail Address:

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Looking for women New York Thermage Precision Aesthetics who have had experiences with the cosmetic procedure called Thermage

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5 Skincare Tips for Women of All Ages


To protect yourself, experts recommend using a retinol cream at night, as well as occasional chemical peels and exfoliation to rejuvenate the skin.

For younger women looking to start an anti-aging regimen early, protection is your best bet.

"My philosophy is that [in the 20s and 30s] moisturizing your skin and protecting it is your anti-aging regimen," says Dr. Marmur recommends a "skin detox," which requires stopping all chemical enhancers in order to restore your skin's natural tone.

Nothing Beats a Healthy Lifestyle

Your skin is just one more area that benefits from a lifestyle that includes a healthy diet, exercise, and avoiding harmful substanc

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The Benefits of Dry-brushing for Cellulite-afflicted Pregnant Women

Although dry brushing may look like its 100% risk-free, doctor consultation is still needed before adhering to this treatment.

Step 1

In a bottle, initially pour a generous amount of base oil like hazelnut. Cedarwood is beneficial in preventing blood vessel constriction, while lavender is stabilizes all the body's system.

Cellulite develops when blood and lymphatic thermage price flow get disrupted by hardened fat cells.

Step 3

With the use of soft-bristled brush, loofah or silk cloth, gently brush your dimply skin in long and broad strokes, while momentarily employing a circular technique. Again, as a precautionary measure, talk to your doctor first about the possible side-effects of using certain oils.


Dry brushing will help break up cellulite by stimulating blood circulation and lymphatic drainage in the area where the condition is rampant. The effectiveness of each of these treatments varies and some are not backed by scientific study and research. The heat generated by brushing will also help melt away fat.

Step 4

Take some time to focus your brushing on the lymph nodes near the cellulite to stimulate toxin drainage. Cool water will help seal off the pores of the skin and will encourage blood circulation and lymphatic action even more. However, one natural remedy can be used by pregnant women - dry brushing. This is especially particular to pregnant women wherein most of the aforementioned cellulite treatments may not be recommended. Shake the bottle well to infuse the oils.

Step 2

On the cellulite affected area, apply a small amount of the oil.

Step 5

Rinse the oil using water that is slightly cool. With the body's poor circulation and drainage capacity; fat, water, and toxins easily accumulate. This make the cellulite more pronounced in what is known as the "cottage cheese" or "orange peel" appearance of the skin.

There are various cellulite treatments that sufferers can use to alleviate the condition, ranging from the pharmaceutical medications, lotions, gels, and creams to spa treatments; and from the clinical injections to surgical procedures. Yet, users vouch that they are helpful to a certain degree. Remember to direct all these strokes toward the heart so circulation will be encourages. The constriction of blood vessels and lymph makes the expulsion of wastes contained inside the cellulite cell hard to do. The effectiveness of dry brushing can also be heightened by using essential oils like cedarwood and lavender. Spread it up, until a thin layer of the oil is created. Put at most 18-20 drops of the essential cedarwood and lavender oils.

To increase the effectiveness of this treatment for cellulite, dry brush daily. The gentle action of the brush not only eases out cellulite, but it will also smooth out the skin. Although all these remedies for cellulite can be utilized by those afflicted with dimply skin; those with health problems and special conditions should take extra care